Brighton Photography Tour

Here's a chance for someone who loves getting out and about and taking photos with this Brighton Photography Tour 

Brighton Photography Tour

Learn how to take expert photographs of some of Brighton’s main landmarks and attractions from a photography pro, and tour the town with camera in hand.

With your DSLR primed and ready to go, you’ll be guided by your tutor as you tour Brighton. Visit and photograph Brighton attractions including Victoria Gardens, the Anish Curve and the Peace Statue marking the boundary between Brighton and Hove. Explore The Lanes and enjoy plenty of opportunities to practice your newfound photography skills.  Learn useable, practical and creative photography skills to get the best out of your camera, learning the tips, techniques and tricks used by the professionals to produce award-winning snaps.  

You can buy this experience from Virgin Experience Days for £60.00 for one person. 

By the way, Virgin Experience Days also list an Evening Photography City Tour which is available in 9 cities - one of which is Brighton!  This is for £35.00 for one person.