Horse Drawn Carriage Experiences

Here are experiences with a difference for anyone who loves horses and the outdoors - horse drawn carriage experiences! 

Head to just outside East Grinstead, and enjoy the stunning Sussex countryside with this experience.   A great way to get some fresh air and do something quite different!

There are a couple of different types of horse drawn experience available through Red Letter Days

The horses are waiting to meet you!
Have a go yourself with a Pairs Horse Drawn Driving Lesson

If you've always wanted to give it a go, and wondered what it feels like to take the reins and guide your steeds from the carriage, here's your chance with a Horse Drawn Carriage Driving Lesson! 

You can have a go yourself, with a horse drawn carriage driving lesson (or two horse).  There's expert guidance from a BDS level four certified instructor, so you'll soon pick up the ropes (or reins)... 

Or, you can go on a drive through the countryside,  with a professional carriage driver and groom.  There are different options available - you could enjoy a glass of champagne, or stop for a Picnic and Champagne, or go on a Family Horse Drawn Carriage Drive with a Country Picnic.

Prices start at £140. Participants do need to be able to climb in and out of the carriage. 

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Trot off to Red Letter Days to see the experiences available