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FREE Damask Rose Moisturiser 5ml with every order from Green People

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Those fabulous people at organic beauty company Green People are giving everyone who orders a free Damask Rose Moisturiser (5ml).

Green People have won many awards for their products, which range from skin care to sun care, hair and body care, gifts, products for babies and toddlers, teenagers, men and women. 

The company was founded by Charlotte, whose daughter suffered from eczema and allergies. 

This is a great way to try a new product - have a sample!  And there are also some lovely "sample" packs you can buy just to see how you get on so instead of buying a normal size, you check Green People out with their sample goodies.  

You don't need a code at all.  The offer ends on 31/8/2018.

Enjoy a free Damask Rose Moisturiser (5ml) with your order from Green People 
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I love Green People's products and I highly recommend them.  One of the things I particularly love about the company is the way a lot of their work and products help with conservation charities such as the Marine Conservation Society, Plantlife, Butterfly Conservation and the Woodland Trust.