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Help plant trees by searching online with Ecosia

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If you want to help the natural world every time you search for anything online, here’s a great way to do it.

Use Ecosia as your search engine!  It’s a search engine with a bit of a difference.

Ecosia uses the profit it makes from you & I searching for stuff online to plant trees where they’re needed most.

Its founder, Christian Kroll, wanted to engage in forest preservation to help the environment.

You can see how it works here, but the exciting thing is that 100% of Ecosia’s surplus income is used to finance reforestation projects all over the world

There’s information on why tree planting is important

The work Ecosia is doing to plant trees is infectious!  People are starting their own tree planting movements such as two students at the University of Sussex and their goal is to get all the universities in the UK to use Ecosia as their default engine.

You can also use Ecosia on your mobile phone or tablet.

Ecosia is working to plant ONE BILLION trees by 2020.  On average you need 45 searches to plant a tree.  So far, I’ve done over 1,550 searches with Ecosia since I found it, and I’m really excited at the thought of doing more searches which mean more trees are planted J

So far over 39 million trees have been planted through searches with Ecosia.  There are over 7 million people active users.

There’s also an Ecosia shop – buy t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers and tops and each purchase will help plant trees.

In Uganda, searches are creating corridors for chimpanzees. 

Visit their website to spread the word and make Ecosia your search engine.