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Up to 15% off the British Airways i360 from Picniq

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If you want something to do in Sussex, how about going up the British Airways i360 and see Sussex from a different angle?

Picniq.co.uk are offering up to 15% off tickets.....

Up to 15% off the British Airways i360

For a bird's eye view of Sussex, take a 360 degree view of Brighton's beautiful South Coast.  Take a flight in Brighton's i360 as you go up 138 metres above sea level.

Spend between 15 to 20 minutes looking at the views of the South Coast of England and gazing across the Channel waters.  On a clear day, you may even be able to see the Isle of Wight! 

You might even be able to see the Isle of Wight on a clear day

You can also enjoy a short video in the waiting area.   
There's a live commentary during your flight, too.

Check out the views of Sussex - can you recognise any of the places you see from your bird's eye view in the sky?

You can choose to add a traditional British afternoon tea if you want to,
or add a glass of wine.  

Enjoy up to 15% off buying your tickets through Picniq.co.uk

Buckle up and fly off to Picniq here to see the deal. 

Please read the Important Information provided by Picniq.   
Your tickets will be sent to you by email and you need to print your e-tickets off   Tickets bought through Picniq aren't refundable.