Treat someone to a Wildlife Experience


The Sussex Wildlife Trust have some wonderful activities throughout the year. From their home page on their website, go to the What's On section to check out their events and courses. My other half and I who are both members never cease to be amazed at the variety of events which they run. 

There are events and courses, many of which are for children, and the courses include titles such as "Butterflies on the South Downs" or "An Evening with Badgers" and "Conservation Grazing".  There are also local groups which organise meetings and events.  And you can volunteer from the age of 12!

The National Trust also have a range of courses, talks and events and of course you can also volunteer.  There's a search facility for you to use to find the sort of thing you want to do - and to prompt ideas if you aren't sure what interests you.  On their Get Involved pages, there's a Build Your Skills section, which leads you to their listings of courses, talks and events.  Amongst those in our area, I found Bat Walks, Ugly Bug Safaris, Wild Flower Walks, Pond Dipping, Wildlife Night Hikes, Brilliant Birds and Minibeast Missions. Click here to go to the National Trust website

Click for info on this Wildlife Experience in West Sussex

This wildlife experience is available through Into the Blue for £140.00

Or you could treat yourself to a Wildlife Experience
This experience is all about British wildlife, being guided to the best spots to see them by expert rangers.  Imagine waiting quietly to see who will appear and what they will be up to... badgers, hares, rabbits and Roe deer...  It takes place on a beautiful private estate near the pretty town of Midhurst.  You'll go around the estate in one of a 4x4 and you can take part on a one on one basis or share your guided tour with up to three other friends or family.  Children are welcome - but they have to stay quiet while waiting for wildlife, and the wildlife rangers will adjust the safari with shorter periods waiting in the badger hides.The wildlife safaris are available from April until the end of September.  Times can be arranged at a time to suit you, but remember that dawn and dusk are the best times to see wildlife - a darn safari starts at about 3:30AM in the summer.  If you want to see badgers, you should book a dusk safari.   Click here for more info