Help butterflies with a pot for pollinators


Do you have a garden?

How big is it? 

If you have just one square metre, you can help butterflies by creating a pot for pollinators!

The excellent UK registered charity Butterfly Conservation has a campaign called Pots for Pollinators.   They are asking people to fight butterfly and moth decline with flowers. 

All you have to do is to plant flowers in a pot that are butterfly friendly and - bingo - you've got a pot for pollinators! 

Plant a pot for pollinators and it's a win-win -butterflies enjoy your pot of flowers and you can enjoy watching the butterflies and the flowers.  

All you need is a square metre of garden to help butterflies
Common Blue ©Dave Green Butterfly Co

Butterfly friendly plants/flowers you could - well, your garden...include...

  • Buddleia (The butterfly bush).  They can't half grow - we've got one and it's now about 5 feet high.  
  • Verbena bonariensis.   These go up to a metre tall with lilac-purple flowers from August to October.  
  • Lavender.  Beautiful! 
  • Perennial Wallflower (Bowles Mauve).  Sweet-scented purple flowers from April all through the summer.  
  • Marjoram (Oregano). 

And Suttons Seeds has ideas of plants you can put into containers - including syringa, salvia, gerbera, sweet william, cosmos and lots more.   There are lots you can plant in a pot to fill your garden with colour and flowers and butterflies and bees - go potty!



Help butterflies with a pot of butterfly friendly plants or flowers

Butterfly friendly plants you can grow in a container from Suttons Seeds

Go to Butterfly Conservation for more information