Help animals in Sussex

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Volunteer to help animals in Sussex
When you think of animal charities at work in our local communities, there's a tendancy to think of the big organisations, but both East and West Sussex have many animal charities, rescue centres, wildlife centres & animal sanctuaries are at work around us.  
They all need people to get involved.  Some will want hands-on help - dog walking, fostering pets in your own home, help with grooming.  Others need fund-raisers, help in the office, people who'll work behind the scenes and with more of a hands-off the animals approach. Many charities listed are based in Sussex but work to help wildlife overseas, which means that if you get involved and lend a paw, you can help animals worldwide.
You could also visit this site sister's websites Animals Charities and Take Action for Wildlife Conservation to see what you can do to help animals all over the world