Get active in West Sussex UK


I hope this web site gives you the chance to unlock an interest, fulfil a dream, have a go at something different, learn something new about yourself of an interest, to get active and have some fun. We all have our own dreams to fulfil - perhaps you'll find an opportunity to fulfil some of yours on these pages.

There's also links for you if you enjoy gardens, love horses, animals & nature or want to buy local produce

Get active!
Get out in the fresh air, exploring the countryside, perhaps volunteering, and discover the real West Sussex.  Connect with the real world - the countryside, nature reserves, forests, woodland, the coast & sea. In autumn & winter, look forward to getting muddy, and probably wet - all good country fun! 

There are tons of animal charities in Sussex, some which have an impact on animals lives far further afield, such as Bornfree.  You'll find a list of animal charities in Sussex here.  Get stuck in and lend a paw!  And there's lots for animal lovers to do, as well

Treat someone to an Experience day 
Experience days 
offer the chance to do those things you wouldn't ordinarily do - and we've got plenty of them on our doorstep in Sussex!

So there's a Treat Someone to section on this site which has experience days found in Sussex or close which give people the chance to indulge in that long held dream or something that tickles their fancy.