Cookie & Privacy Policy

Cookie & Privacy Policy

As you surf around the Internet, you may increasingly notice pop ups or online tools asking for your acceptance of the site’s cookie policy the first time you visit. This is as a result of the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR) Act 2011, which comes from an EU directive, and which came into force in the UK recently.

Most websites use cookies to help enhance the visitors’ experience. Cookies aren’t something to eat, They track the needs & wants of their visitors so that we can provide a better experience on our sites for you.

Cookies & this site

To track the needs and wants of site visitors, like many websites, this site uses Google Analytics. However it also uses (and recommends) and Create, the web-builder through which this website was created.  These are used to collect information about how visitors find and use our site and the pages people visit.

We receive no personal identifable information about visitors from cookies & nor would we want to (unless you send us an email in which case you'll have given us your email address or you call to have a chat and leave your number for us to call you back, that sort of thing).  Cookies are all about helping us understand your needs, what you are looing for and how we can make this website better for all our visitors.

Cookies on this website may also track when you leave this site to other websites. Sometimes if you choose to buy from these sites, we may or may not receive a commission. This commission is used for continue to build sites which strengthen the animal-human bond & help the animal kingdom, such as Animal Charities and to provide for the running of this website. All the websites you go to will have their own privacy & cookie policies, terms & conditions, refunds & returns policies, legals etc.

So what do you need to do so far as this site goes?

You don’t have to do anything at all! Just be aware that we do have a cookie policy and that websites should all have one if they are in the EU, to comply with the EU legislation. You can mug up on your cookie knowledge & the controls available at the ICO. And if you are not happy with this cookie policy on this website, you can choose to take control of your web browser and change the options on your web browser’s cookie levels from the default level. Such an action could however impact on your experience of this site.

If you run your own website, there’s a useful little video you can watch to turn a lot of documentation and any feeling of “help, where do I start?” into a simple 11 minutes of reassuring guidance.

This is all about choice - your choice

Remember that this legislation is all about giving you, the website visitor, the choice to express preferences over the way in which track your visit or not. It’s all about exercising the power of control, if you want to.

Rest assured that your privacy is uppermost in my mind and I keep the cookies on my site to a minimum.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about this cookie & privacy policy, please contact us.  Thank you.