Grow your own in Sussex


12 Benefits to "Grow Your Own"

Growing your own has lots of plus points! 

  1. It can help reduce waste (both food and packaging) as you just pick what you want from your garden or kitchen window sill.
  2. You can enjoy seasonal produce, and even store some food for the winter. 
  3. You can share it with neighbours and friends, especially if you produce more than you need, or give it as a gift to someone.  You can inspire them to grow their own, too! 
  4. It can lead to a new interest - gardening, whether inside or outside!
  5. It can save you money. 
  6. You don't need a lot of space - you can grow herbs on a window sill or on a balcony, for example, or in a pot on a patio and these days you can get dwarf trees, helpful for if you have a smaller garden.
  7. It can give you a feeling of great satisfaction as you pick what you've grown.
  8. Food you've grown yourself always tastes nicer, somehow!  
  9. It's a great way to teach children where food comes from - and to get them into having fun in the garden, too!  Get them cooking with the produce they produce!
  10. Grow herbs or a salad, and you can have it when you want - no running off to the shops on a last minute dash!
  11. The choice of what you grow is incredible - everything from herbs to fruit, vegetables to salads.  Try something new! 
  12. You can feel a sense of self-sufficiency! 

You can order vegetable seeds and fruit plants and trees online from Thompson & Morgan

Grow your own - fruit plants - raspberries, strawberries, currants.....all to savour and enjoy! 

Herbs are great for growing in small spaces Lettuce - perfect for salads!