Help butterflies with a pot for pollinators

Join in the Big Butterfly Count from 12th July to 4th August 2024 and help Butterfly Conservation help butterflies!  Flutter away for more info here 


Do you have a garden?  

If you have just one square metre - be it garden, patio, balcony - you can help butterflies by creating a pot for pollinators.  All you have to do is to plant flowers in a pot that are butterfly friendly and - bingo - you've got a pot for pollinators!  It's a win-win -butterflies enjoy your pot of flowers and you can enjoy watching the butterflies and the flowers.  

Butterfly friendly plants/flowers you could - well, your garden...include...

  • Buddleia (The butterfly bush).  They can't half grow - we've got one and it's now about 5 feet high.  
  • Verbena bonariensis.   These go up to a metre tall with lilac-purple flowers from August to October.  
  • Lavender.  Beautiful! 
  • Perennial Wallflower (Bowles Mauve).  Sweet-scented purple flowers from April all through the summer.  
  • Marjoram (Oregano). 


Go to Butterfly Conservation for more information

And there's more you can do, too. Butterfly Conservation and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust have joined forces to change the fate of pollinators in crisis. Join them, and Dr Amir Khan, to help save them. Join Insect A&E and become a  nature doctor with Dr Amir Khan.  Which means basically creating an insect A&E in your garden! 

Find out more here

Why not join Butterfly Conservation and support their efforts to help butterflies?  

Here's the Sussex Branch so that you can see what they're up to :-) 
And you can find out about volunteering for butterflies in Sussex here.