Keep Sussex Green - and let's make it greener!

The RHS is the UK's oldest gardening society, having been formed in 1804 so it's seen a lot of changes since it started.   And it's launched a campaign - Greening Grey Britain.

It's all about turning hard grey areas into living, planted places.  Their goal is to change 6,000 grey spaces by the end of 2017 and they are looking for people to make a pledge to turn a bit of grey into green. 

You can do this by pledging to plant a tree, a shrub, a flower bed, a climber or a window box/container.  You don't need a lot of room to plant these.  

Plant a climber

Climbers go upwards, up walls, so take up very little room in a garden but they can change the look of a house.  You can plant a tree on a small patio, for instance, or put up a window box full of colourful flowers. You can grow herbs on the window sill in your kitchen or on a balcony.

Plant a tree!

Trees provide homes and food for wildlife.   They are cooling and some help clean the air.  Some trees can be grown in big pots on patios.  You could also send a tree to a friend as a gift, rather than flowers which don't last long. 

Gardens are vital in urban and surburban areas.   They help support wildlife and gardening is great for wellbeing, both mental and physical.  

Help our wildlife

Greening our urban areas has a number of benefits and of course amongst these is a source of habitats for wildlife.  Our wildlife are really suffering from a loss of habitat - somewhere to live.  

You may have seen the RSPB campaign on the television, Give Nature a Home, which we can all do.  There are plenty of ways to help wildlife and give nature a home.

Hedgehog Street is a campaign by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the People's Trust for Endangered Species to encourage individuals to help hedgehogs by making holes in their fences and walls which are big enough for hedgehogs to get through, to leave them cat or dog food, and water, and to leave a small part of their garden in a bit of  a mess or even create a hedgehog home.  Grow as many plants as you can in the space you have and put out a bird bath so that our feathered friends can take a drink.   We've had a lot of pleasure watching the sparrows and swifts in our garden come for a drink. 

Get planting and growing!

The 'greening' campaign simply means growing plants wherever possible in any space, in towns and cities.  Gardens make up about 25% of the land in most cities, say the RHS.   This means we can really make a difference in our gardens, however small or large they are.

Click here to make your pledge to green grey Britain. 

Create a mini pond at home (you really don't need much space)

Give water to animals