Recycling in West Sussex

There’s an amazing website you can check out if you want to recycle more rubbish and it’s dedicated to West Sussex.

At the time of writing, our recycle rate in West Sussex was just 44.3% in 2016-2017.  It would be great if we can all work to improve that :-) 

It’s essential when you put your recycling into your recycling bin that it’s:

  • Clean and free from food and drink leftovers 
  • Dry – you need to keep your recycling bin lid shut
  • Loose – no plastic bags!

The site has lots of tips and advice about what can be recycled, because these things are never as clear cut as they seem.  It has different web pages for each of:  

So you can find out whether the plastic tray your chicken drumsticks came in can be recycled or not.

You can also find your nearest recycling site – there are 11 in West Sussex for instance.

Other ways to help the recycling cause are:

  1. Think before you use it – do you really need it?  Is there an alternative which saves on waste or the need to recycle at all?
  2. Compost kitchen waste and use it on the garden – there’s a list of things you can compost here
  3. Cut back on food waste – look at what you’re throwing away each week and ask yourself where the waste is coming from – are you buying too much in the first place?  Planning meals can help reduce waste and save you money.   Better still, grow your own fruit & veg!

You can find out what happens to your recycling, and the process involved.  

In short, Think before you throw!