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I put this site together as someone who's lived in Sussex for 10 years and I've grown to love it very much during that time.  The people are friendly, there's lots to do both indoors and out, and the purpose of this site is really just to highlight some of the things you can do. 

What I'm into...
I'm not a big city fan, I have to say - I'm usually just glad to get out of cities.  I'm more of a Land Girl, into nature & animals, garden & history lover, walking & outdoor pursuits, so I'm afraid I can't recommend night clubs or wild bars to spend a night in.  If you're looking for wild places to have wild times, you're best to check out local Sussex press for information.  "Wild" to me means things to do with wildlife, nature & conservation, not late nights out in noisy night clubs & bars!


You'll see there are some advertisements & links on this site for various places in Sussex - and further afield.  Please note that any purchase or any agreement you enter into as a result of visitng this site are entirely between yourself & the vendor, and all purchases are subject to their terms & conditions, returns & refunds, delivery charges etc etc.  I do not accept responsibility for any damage, illness, death or injury to persons or property as a result of advertisements on this site.  Moreover, I am not responsible for any content on the linking & advertised sites.  There's more info on T&Cs here 

The legal stuff said, I hope you have a fantastic time in Sussex and come back and visit regularly!

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By phone:  01403 891550

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