Have a go with a flight simulator gift experience


If you know of someone who loves flying and who'd love to have a go at flying a 737 or a small aircraft, why not treat them to a flight simulation gift experience?  They can enjoy the thrill of flying without even leaving the ground.  

There's quite a range of flight simulator experiences available in the UK, with a choice of aircraft too, from a Vulcan, Spitfire, a Messerschmitt, a 737, a 747, a Cessna, an F16 Fighter Pilot Simulator, and a Lynx Helicopter, to name a few!  Please check locations of all experiences before you buy, in case there's been a change in venue since writing. 


Professional 737 Flight Simulator Experiences

Professional 737 Flight Simulator Experiences, Crawley near Gatwick
Exclusive offfer with Into the Blue:  From £199.00 (normally from £239.00)
Into the Blue has a couple of different options on these flight experiences, with a one hour experience, a two hour one and even a family one!  Have a go in a professional flight simulator that's used for pilot training purposes - this rare chance is exclusive to Into The Blue!  The experience takes place in a high fidelity full flight no motion B737NG simulator, worth one million pounds and you'll learn to take off and land a 60 ton 737!  Take off and fly away to Into the Blue here


Flight Simulator Experience Aboard a Boeing 737 - 30 minutes

Flight Simulator Experience Aboard a Boeing 737 - 30 minutes, Shoreham on Sea (other locations available)
Experience the full thrill of piloting a Boeing 737 in complete safety and without leaving the ground! There's a pre-flight briefing, 30 minutes "flight" and a choice of 24,000 destinations, weather conditions and routes, and the simulators make the experience as real as possible!  Available from Virgin Experience Days. 

Alternatively, you can have a 60 minute experience for £159, or 90 minutes for £199


How about The Ultimate Spitfire Simulator?

The Ultimate Spitfire Simulator,
Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex
This is the world's only Spitfire Sim that can be used for training new Spitfire pilots!  What a great chance to give it a go!   You'll have a 15 minute briefing and introduction to the controls and a 30 minute session in the simulator with about 20 minutes 'airborne'.   Allow about an hour on site for this experience.  One guest can accompany you in the simulator.  This is at the Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex and it's available from Into the Blue for £200.00.  

Visit Into the Blue here

Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator

Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator
Brighton City Airport, East Sussex

Into the Blue list a flight simulator experience with a Lancaster Bomber!  You can go for one flight simulator experience or two, and they are on special offer, one for £75 and two for £130.   For £75, take off and fly the Lancaster under the guidance of the simulator instructor and then test your skills by flying under the Severn Bridge and return back to try landing.  For £130, you can have a go at the Severn Bridge and then receive a mission briefing before testing your newly acquired flying skills!  Fly low level over the same dams in Germany as the heroic Dambusters pilots!  Wow!  

Visit Into the Blue to find out more. 


Emirates Aviation Experience

Emirates Aviation Experience, London
Was £120.00, now £90.00
Fly a simulator at the Emirates Aviation Experience!  There's a choice of an Airbus A380 or Boeing B777 simulators and you've got 10 short and long haul airports to choose from.   Entrance to the Emirates exhibition is included. 

 Fly off to Into the Blue for more information


30 Minute Battle of Britain Dogfight Simulator for Two

30 Minute Battle of Britain Dogfight Simulator for Two
Was £95, Now £70- save yourself 26%
Now, this experience is in BEDFORDSHIRE, not Sussex - but I had to mention it, because what a chance to have a go in a Flight Simulator in either a Spitfire or a Messerschmidt!  You'll each "take off" from separate airfields and seek each other out for combat.  Who will win and rule the skies?  This is a great chance to test your flying, take-off and landing skills!  
This experience on a special offer too - just £70 - available from Virgin Experience Days