Have a go with a flight simulator gift experience

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You can get 15% off on purchases up to £250.00 with the code ITBSAVE15, valid until midnight on Sunday 28th July 2024!   There's no minimum spend; some products are excluded from this offer.  Into the Blue have some amazing flying experiences, including flight simulator experiences, around the UK!  Fly off to Into the Blue to see their flight experiences  here.

If you know of someone who loves flying and who'd love to have a go at flying a 737 or a small aircraft, why not treat them to a flight simulation gift experience?  They can enjoy the thrill of flying without even leaving the ground.  

There's quite a range of flight simulator experiences available in the UK, with a choice of aircraft too, from a Vulcan, Spitfire, a Messerschmitt, a 737, a 747, a Cessna, an F16 Fighter Pilot Simulator, and a Lynx Helicopter, to name a few!  There's even a Concorde Flight Simulator now (Brunswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, so NOT in Sussex!)  Please check locations of all experiences before you buy, in case there's been a change in venue since writing. 


30 Minute Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator for One at Perry Air

How about a 30 Minute Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator for One at Perry Air?
For £129.00

This is an immersive 30-minute flight simulator experience for one in a Lancaster Bomber replica cockpit.  It's a great chance to discover all about the history of this amazing warbird and get tuition from an expert instructor.  Take off in the Lancaster and test your skills by flying under the Severn Bridge and landing safely - you'll communicate with your instructor via a genuine Lancaster headset.  Available from BuyaGift - use the code AHW2024BAG and you can get 10% off before 31 Dec 2024.  (The code is site wide, although some products are excluded.)  


Boeing 737 Simulator Experience Surrey

There's a Boeing 737 Simulator Experience, at Albury near Guildford, Surrey

This is a Boeing 737NG flight simulator experience, with a warm friendly welcome!  There are three options available (30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes) and they are all slightly different (so is the cost, which starts at £59.00).  A fully qualified pilot will expertly guide you from take-off to touchdown;  there's lots of airports to choose from around the world, and you can even choose whether to depart into the sunset, use live real world weather - or set harsher weather conditions for a more challenging flight!  This is available from Into the Blue. 


Professional Full Motion Flight Simulator

This is a Professional Full Motion Flight Simulator

Well, these professional training facilities at Burgess Hill and Crawley  are just a hop to Gatwick, and Into the Blue says it's a privilege to be able to offer two hour experiences in either hte 737 or the A320 simulator.  They both have full motion capabilities - and they are usually reserved for professional flight training only.  This would be quite an opportunity - please take a look at the Suitable for section under More Info on Into the Blue's website - and it costs £949 but what a chance to do something like this!  Find out more from Into the Blue. 


Diamond Flight Simulator Lee-on-the-SolentFareham, Hampshire

Diamond Flight Simulator Lee-on-the-Solent
From £149.00

There are two experiences of different lengths in Hampshire:  with the 30 minute experience, you fly around Los Angeles, and try your hand at a variety of flight scenarios, approaching and landing at different surrounding airports.  The 45 minute experience also includes flight time flying around and landing at the challenging Innsbruck Airport....  Find out more from Into the Blue...   


The Ultimate Spitfire Simulator at The Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex

The Ultimate Spitfire Simulator
From £275

Fly the world's only pro MkIX Spitfire simulator - it can be used for training new Spitfire pilots. Sim is based on a genuine WW2 Spitfire and you can learn the basics of flying this iconic plane! It looks, feels and even sounds like a real Spitfire.   From Into the Blue  


WW2 Spitfire and Messerschmitt Flight Simulator Extended Experience for Two, in BEDFORDSHIRE!

There's a WW2 Spitfire and Messerschmitt Flight Simulator Extended Experience for Two

A great offer from BuyaGift!  £130.00 instead of £190.00!

This is a great offer from BuyaGift - a WW2 Spitfire and Messerschmitt Flight Simulator Extended Experience for Two.  What was it like to fly the Spitire and Messerschmitt airplanes that were used in World War Two?  The experience is for two and you can put your skills to the test with a realistic Battle of Britain flight simulator.   Learn the controls and soar up high!  The simulators are built to the original specifications and have fully working gauges and controls, giving you the most realistic experience possible. Find each other in the virtual skies before going head-to-head to find out who is the best pilot!  This is available from BuyaGift and don't forget to use our code AHW2024BAG for an extra 10% off - it's valid until 31 Dec 2024 and it's site wide, apart from excluded products! 


Nationwide Flight Simulator Voucher

There's a Nationwide Flight Simulator Voucher available from Into the Blue

These Nationwide flight simulator vouchers gives you a flight simulator experience at your choice of venue - there are venues around the country from Sussex to West Yorkshire, and Somerset to Lincolnshire, with all sorts of planes, locations and lots of routes.  The details of the experience on Into the Blue's website list which aircraft simulators are available where.  Find out more from Into the Blue! 

  Ultimate 'Pilot for a Day' Simulator Experience in Hampshire

Ultimate 'Pilot for a Day' Simulator Experience in Hampshire

Into the Blue have this Ultimate 'Pilot for a Day' Simulator Experience in Hampshire - work a full shift, just like a normal pilot!   This is a great chance to find out to be the captain of an Airbus 320 and discover what a day is like as a commercial airliner pilot!    Fly off to find out more here.

London Helicopter Pilot Simulator Experience, Kent

There's a London Helicopter Pilot Simulator Experience
£39.00 (it was £59.00)

This is a 20-minute simulator experience in a Bell 206 helicopter simulator.   Start with a short briefing, and the instructors will explain the use of flight controls and how to fly the heliecopter.  Fly over London, seeing landmarks such as London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge.  You can share the experience with a friend who can sit in the co-pilot seat with dual controls for an additional charge of £10 - this is payable when you book your date.  This is available from Into the Blue. 


Airbus A320 Simulator Fareham

Have a go in an Airbus A320 Simulator near Fareham
From £140.00

Wow, this is an incredible chance to virtually fly an A320 to just about anywhere in the world in any weather conditions you fancy!    The fixed-base simulator is a full sized, 1:1 scale replica of a A320 cockpit, so it replicates the looks, feel and functionality of the plane, and the sound system really takes you into the world of being captain of an A320 - and you stay on the ground!  A one-hour solo experience will see you executing up to four take offs and landings (the best part of the whole sim thing for many of you!).  Vouchers are for one, two, three or four hour simulator sessions;  of course, the two, three and four hour sessions will give you more time to fly full sectors! .That means from push back at the departure gate, to arriving on stand at your arrival airport, you will be in charge!   Find out more from Into the Blue!


Private Guided Tour, Cream Tea and Interactive Scramble Experience for Two at the Battle of Britain Memorial

Head to near Folkestone, Kent, for this experience

Treat yourself and a friend to a private guided tour, a cream tea and The Scramble Experience at the Battle of Britain Memorial near Folkestone.  Take a 40 minute tour, with exclusive access and information from your site tour guide - you'll even view lifesize Spitfire and Hurrican replicas!   Then there's the high-tech interactive Scramble Experience - it will help you discover more about hte Battle of Britain and what life was like for the Few in the summer of 1940.  There's a cream tea in the Cockpit Café, complete with scones, jam, clotted cream and either tea or coffee as you take in the views of over the Channel.   I know this isn't a flight simulator experience, or in Sussex, either, but what an opportunity!   Find out more from Virgin Experience Days. 


PC Pilot Magazine Subscription

What about a PC Pilot Magazine Subscription?

PC Pilot magazine is the biggest-selling flight simulation magazine in the world and a one-stop shop for Flight Simulation!  It's published bi-monthly and produced by experienced flight simmers and real life pilots.  Regular features include the latest flight simulation news from around the world, reviews, interviews with publishers and developers in the industry, features on ‘home-built’ GA and airliner cockpits, advanced flight tutorials and training and beginner’s guides and technical advice.  There's also an events guide too!  You can buy a single issue, a six month subscription and an annual subscription (6 issues a year).  Pocketmags have great offers with up to 50% off!  Find out more here.


How about a Hamleys® Bear Pilot?

Introducing Hamleys® Bear Pilot

Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with a flight simulator experience - but I couldn't resist adding this charming bear to this page!  This Pilot Bear is  available from Hamleys, the online toy shop and huge toy store in London.  Find out all about this bear here.   Oh, there's a Hamleys® Bear Pilot Keyring, too - you can see it here.