Animal Experiences in Sussex

There's quite a range of animal experiences in Sussex, and also others in neighbouring counties Kent, Surrey and Hampshire if you're willing and able to get there.  Horse drawn carriage driving, bee-keeping, husky experiences, reptiles and more - there's plenty to choose from. 

One of the great things about animal experiences is that you can often see things you wouldn't usually see, and they can provide a great chance to find out more about the animals and get really close up and personal with them!

Penguin Feeding Experience for One at Drusillas Park

Meet the Humboldt penguins at Drusillas Park!  You'll find out how the penguins are cared for, prepare their fishy treats and help to feed them. £75.00 Waddle off to Virgin Experience Days to dive for information. 

Penguin Feeding Experience at Drusillas Park

Meet the Red Pandas at Drusillas Park (£75 for one person)

Enjoy 40 minutes with these endangered animals, learning about them and assisting with the feeding.  You can then explore the rest of the park!  Get 15% off at Red Letter Days with the code AHW2021RED – it’s valid until 31/12/2021 and is site wide! Climb over to Red Letter Days for more information

You can meet Red Pandas at Drusillas Park
Have a Wildlife Experience near Midhurst

Wildlife Experience in West Sussex

Enjoy an exclusive guided wildlife tour of the Cowdray Estate near Midhurst.   What will you see?   Well, there's indigenous wildlife in its natural habitat, badgers, hares, Roe deer, and rabbits.  Go in the evening, and you could see bats and badgers. For £140 from Into the Blue


Falconry Handling in West Sussex near Chichester

You'll see and handle a selection of owls including Barn Owls and European Eagle Owls.  You can choose from a half day or a full day.  This is a chance to gain a unique insight into the handling and training of birds of prey.  Spread your wings and fly off to Into the Blue for further details. 

Falconry Handling in West Sussex near Chichester
Introductory Polo Lesson in Surrey

Try an Introductory Polo Lesson in SURREY

Learn the rules and tactics, and then the polo swing, along with the four basic shos of the game.  Then mount up - and learn to ride a polo pony!  For £95.00. Get 15% off at BuyaGift with the code 15AHW2021.  (This code is valid until 31/12/2021 and is site wide!)  Canter off to Buy a Gift.  

Big Cat Encounter in Kent

Go on the prowl to KENT and meet some big cats!  The Big Cat Sanctuary is home to over 50 cat species, including African lions, Sumatran tigers, jaguars and snow leopards.  Take a tour, find out what is being done to preserve these majestic animals - and hand-feed one yourself!  Go on a weekday for £199.  From Virgin Experience Days 
(Other options are available, e.g. weekends)

Big Cat Encounter in Kent
Introduction to Owl Handling for Two in KENT

Introduction to Owl Handling for Two in KENT

An experienced owl handler will guide you in your handling of the birds. Meet and greet some of the owls, and find out about their habitats in the wild.  You'll hold and fly a selection of owls.   After your handling session, you can explore the rest of the park.   This was £178 but it's on offer for only £89 from Virgin Experience Days.

Farm Animal Keeper Experience for Two, East Sussex

Shadow a farm animal keeper, helping out with daily tasks such as preparing food and feeding the animals.  Meet animals including ponies, wallabies, llamas and giant rabbits. Normally £80, this is on offer for £49.00 and you can get a further 15% off with the code AHW2021RED - it's valid until 31 Dec 2021. Hop off to Red Letter Days for more information.

Farm Animal Keeper Experience for Two