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Buying from this site

I've pulled products & experiences together which could be of interest to anyone who wants to visit Sussex (West or East), or to anyone who is looking to buy a gift. Any purchases you make mean that you enter into a contract and are subject to the terms & conditions of those you buy from. Each has their own terms & conditions on their web site, so you need to check these carefully before buying.  In addition, if you have any questions, queries or concerns about their products or indeed complaints, or want to talk to them about making bookings for expereinces, you need to go directly to them.

I have done what I can to check that the locations & prices are up to date - but things change, so please before buying and especially so experience days, read the notes relating to them before you buy.  Some experience days have age limitations or limits of another sort; in most cases, gift vouchers or vouchers have a life of any number of months - 9, 10 or 12 for instance; and you lose the voucher & your experience if you don't take it up in the time given.  Some experience companies won't extend the voucher, either. Their contact details are on their web sites.  Read the notes about the product, terms & conditions carefully before you buy

One of the advantages of buying an experience from a company such as IntotheBlue is that if you change your mind about the sort of experience you want to have, you can in many cases swap to another experience.  Buy a tour round a vineyard for instance, and if you change your mind and decide to go for another sort of gourmet experience instead, then that may well be possible.  Buy direct from the vineyard, and you will probably be stuck with the experience. So it can be beneficial to go through an experience company such as IntotheBlue or Virgin Experience Days, rather than going direct to those actually running the experience.